Saturday, June 5, 2010

its be so long since i last blogged! blogging is nonsense anyway.
but right now, i feeling a little moody. feel like writing down every single thing.
few month passed, 3yr6mth became nothing. i missed everyone.
without X my life is gd cos i have X*.
ytd went to drink with all the HAIS. they are still so nice n loving. but the moment i saw X i felt so weird. he came with X'S. i dont A him anymore but i still think that X is damn nonsense to bring X'S down.
i cried for a moment i tears because i know the HAIS will no longer be my. everything is changing. when i was crying WC hugged me and he start crying. it make me so heartache.
i know HAIS for 3 years its always so fun hanging out with them cos we got endless topic to talk about. and we will always gossip around.
looking back my blog we have got so many drinking session with many nonsense pic.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

im having this veryvery moody mood again. unhappy over alot alot of thing. L is the main thing den come S . this 2 thing is really making me go crazy. without L life wont be complete. this sounds too serious. but i believe everyone need L to make their life more meaningful. and of course F&F also very important. i always though i will only be attitude my L will never be attitude to my F&F. but guess im wrong ya. i attitude everyone include my F&F. S also very important cause no S no M.
L,F,F,S bring me two big S!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

nabei cb

fuck man. today will be the last time calling u. wtf.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

everyday wake up , prepare , drink water, wear my slipper den headed dwn to school. the moment i saw Jannah, i will SMILE! den she will " i know you miss me right!" i will just replied "-.-, you miss me more right!" walk over to school. the moment i saw Samantha she will "hahaha, today i wake up early! but the bus came late!" den i will "you always one la. wait i scold the bus uncle for you okay!" den she will start "HAHAHAHAH,HEHEHEE!" den disturb me by touch my hand and leg. i will "WALAU! SIBEI HORNY SIA U!!! WET AH YOU! KAN HORNY SIA U!" same thing she will go "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!" all the way . . . . . .

just some random post..

Sunday, May 31, 2009

You are only young once and before you know it, your looks are fading and your soul is slowing down. Should enjoy it while you can.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NOW IS 3.23AM! I GOTTA WAKE UP AT 6.30 TO MEET MY LOVELY GAL JIAYI FOR BREAKFAST! thinking of meeting her makes me feel very happy! cos like quite a few day didnt see her already!!! miss her so much! =DDDD I WANNA WAKE UP TO MEET HER !!!! GONNA TURN IN SOON! BEFORE I CANT WAKE UP ON TIME TMR!=DDDDD LOVELOVELOVE!

BTW, this is my last 2 module in MDIS! meaning im gonna graduting soon! i kinda sad eh! though i dont like to wake up early and go school . but i still love to be a student! =( miss my lovely classmate too! nono. not all classmate! hahaa. like SAM & JANNAH only!!!! will miss the crap we always talk in class man!!! LOVE!=DDDDDDD


last Thursday after school went over to meet qianhui and belwin for some K session yea~
i love qianhui & belwin sooo muchie ah!!!!! heehee. the stubborn boy insisted on helping us pay the bill though he didnt sing a single songs at all! thanks so much! and he really super da nan ren! though he look kinda kiddy. hahaha.

we took the K dinner package . come tgt with a meal for each person. hehehe. belwin very full so i was like keep tking his chicken and all this luh! ahahahah! i wanna pass him my sushi one leh to exchange but he said. " nvmnvm, dun need ke qi. just take and eat." hahahah! qianhui was like "i tot you on diet! why keep taking ppls food!" =(

the crazy qianhui!


the damn ai mei guy!


he jus ignore us like totally!


after K . Qianhui wanna eat mac so we went down to mac. chatted till 11 + waiting for the last train and belwin went off first. we actually ask him to stay till late abit. den he was saying ltr no train. me and qianhui told him. "NVMNVM! WE CAN GIVE U MONEY TK CAB!" cos we wanna return him money. but aiya. he die also dunwan. so after he went off. Qianhui & i went for BOWLING~

while i go buy drink this dumb gal
rename the name.
she bcame YOURLAOBU
mine bcame LIMLAOBEH.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sarah says (4:26 PM):
im on diet leh
i v fat
i scare ltr nobody wan me

QH says (4:27 PM):
i see food i can talk to them sia

I realised i have many goodfriend that treat me differently .

like Kwek, she will always ask me dont sad for the moment. after im ok. she will explain to me everything. den started scolding me. and tell me dont change den thats ur problem. she use a hard way on me. cos to her she she think that talking nicely. the words she said. wun get into my mind. though it gets in la. but whenever she use it in a hard way i understand more. hahaha! =)

Jiayi. whenever i told her my problem she will listen and she will explains every single things to me and ask me compare and ask me how would i feel . I will think and I think that actually im in the wrong. though i dont admit it. acutally somehow i still agree with what she said. and she will always give me a warm hugs whenever im feeling down. =)

Qianhui. she always like. " huh, when , hw come , why , are u sad? don sad. " she always so kiddy but she very cute eh. like when im sad i try to tell her. but i see her reaction. make me feel like laughing. bcos i don feel like making things difficult for her. i knw she duno hw to help me. but that over the phone la. she cant talk and console me one. over msn or msg. she can say thing very well. haha. =)

ZL. this guy here. i knw him since i was in sec 1. so basically knw him for 5 years plus? he's like a big bro. he always help me in everything. when i say everything mean everything yea. my lovelife problem, my mood swing problem, my sch work, computer even IPOD and etc etc. sometime things he said was like so true so true. he will tell me thing that i never think that im actually like this. he kinda knw me very well. when im mood swing bad mood. i attitude him . he will just hack care me. cos he knw my pattern . he wont like get angry or anything. so hes like very nice eh. he always talk to me tgt about girl n guy and future. =)

AG. he very sweet and caring. i always wake him up in the middler of the night after my club and make him listen to my nonsense. or angry with him when i dont feel good. but he will always still talk nicely and sry . its my fault. though he never do anything ya. =)

i love every single one of them very much=)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

meet up with ah keng ytd and today! we have subway~ so nice . i miss her so much. cos like didnt see her for ages yea. =D